<Evaluation of Ideas>

There are lots of ideas which which bring out new possibilities from these [Japanese Crafts].
Adopted ideas will be selected based on every users comments and evaluations.


contributed works

Thumb 720x480 20190910235208


3,582 105 0
Thumb 720x480 20191028155106


3,402 88 0
Thumb 720x480 20191014172334


3,220 98 4
Thumb 720x480 20190910175611


2,717 103 0
Thumb 720x480 20191104171850

Bread House

2,720 82 0
Thumb 720x480 20190918083523

IRODORI 歯ブラシスタンド

2,555 102 0
Thumb 720x480 20200302214044


2,674 19 0
Thumb 720x480 20200316235246


2,552 20 1
Thumb 720x480 20190921022735


2,405 98 0
Thumb 720x480 20191007095122


2,388 100 1
Thumb 720x480 20191022121940

See‐through matryoshka doll

2,325 105 0
Thumb 720x480 20191023145307


2,319 101 9
Thumb 720x480 20190916222845

おば香 おばけのお香ホルダー

2,296 108 0
Thumb 720x480 20191007094438


2,306 97 3
Thumb 720x480 20190926141423


2,311 95 0
Thumb 720x480 20191012103204

Kiriko Solt&Pepper

2,296 98 1
Thumb 720x480 20190926230939

和菓子を眺める 懐紙枯山水

2,272 106 2
Thumb 720x480 20190920235856

快適なノマドライフに「Kiri Pad」

2,273 98 8
Thumb 720x480 20190910174343


2,249 97 0
Thumb 720x480 20190920112901

Ellipse Hanger 桐ハンガー

2,233 97 1
Thumb 720x480 20190910154838

めちゃくちゃよく飛ぶ 桐飛行機

2,233 97 2
Thumb 720x480 20191026192246

KIRI Clothes Case

2,222 90 4
Thumb 720x480 20190914173811

ニットカード ニット模様のエンボス加工

2,189 98 0
Thumb 720x480 20200315222604


2,284 22 0
Thumb 720x480 20190921005515


2,133 98 0
Thumb 720x480 20191015121626


2,120 100 0
Thumb 720x480 20190911094447


2,112 97 7
Thumb 720x480 20190914200014

硬質フェルト ペットハウス

2,109 99 0
Thumb 720x480 20191102201146


2,137 80 0
Thumb 720x480 20190910234635

群馬県みなかみ町 陶磁器×ガラス

2,109 97 0

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